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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

11192019 T4 W7 Newsletter.pdfWeek Seven Term Four 201911192019 T4 W7 Newsletter19/11/20192259 KB
11122019 T4 W6 Newsletter.pdfWeek Six Term Four11122019 T4 W6 Newsletter12/11/20192676 KB
11052019 T4 W5 Newsletter.pdfWeek Five Term Four 201911052019 T4 W5 Newsletter5/11/20191962 KB
10222019 T4 W3 Newsletter.pdfWeek Three, Term Four 201910222019 T4 W3 Newsletter23/10/20191558 KB
10152019 T4 W2 Newsletter.pdfWeek Two Term Four 201910152019 T4 W2 Newsletter16/10/20191665 KB
10082019 T4 W1 Newsletter.pdfWeek 1, Term 4 201910082019 T4 W1 Newsletter9/10/20191698 KB
09172019 T3 W10 Newsletter.pdfWeek Ten, Term Three 201909172019 T3 W10 Newsletter17/09/20191861 KB
09102019 T3 W9 Newsletter.pdfWeek Nine Term Three 201909102019 T3 W9 Newsletter10/09/20191480 KB
09032019 T3 W8 Newsletter.pdfWeek Eight Term Three 201909032019 T3 W8 Newsletter3/09/20191697 KB
20190823121852462.pdfWeek Seven Term Three 20192019082312185246227/08/2019865 KB
08202019 T3 W6 Newsletter.pdfWeek Six Term Three 201908202019 T3 W6 Newsletter20/08/20192514 KB
07302019 T3 W3 Newsletter.pdfWeek Three, Term Three 201907302019 T3 W3 Newsletter13/08/20192154 KB
08062019 T3 W4 Newsletter.pdfWeek Four, Term Three 201908062019 T3 W4 Newsletter13/08/20191921 KB
08132019 T3 W5 Newsletter.pdfWeek Five Term Three 201908132019 T3 W5 Newsletter13/08/20192597 KB
23072019 T3 W2 Newsletter.pdfWeek Two, Term 323072019 T3 W2 Newsletter23/07/20192530 KB
16072019 T3 W1 Newsletter.pdfWeek One Term 3 201916072019 T3 W1 Newsletter16/07/20192175 KB
0625019 T2 W10 Newsletter.pdfWeek Ten Term 2 20190625019 T2 W10 Newsletter25/06/20192859 KB
0618019 T2 W9 Newsletter.pdfWeek Nine, Term Two 20190618019 T2 W9 Newsletter18/06/20192037 KB
0611019 T2 W8 Newsletter.pdfWeek Eight, Term Two 20190611019 T2 W8 Newsletter12/06/20192075 KB
0604019 T2 W7 Newsletter.pdfWeek Seven, Term Two 20190604019 T2 W7 Newsletter4/06/20192140 KB
0528019 T2 W6 Newsletter.pdfWeek Six, Term Two 20190528019 T2 W6 Newsletter30/05/20191950 KB
0521019 T2 W5 Newsletter.pdfWeek Five, Term Two 20190521019 T2 W5 Newsletter21/05/20191529 KB
0514019 T2 W4 Newsletter.pdfWeek Four, Term Two 20190514019 T2 W4 Newsletter14/05/20191374 KB
05072019 T2 W3 Newsletter.pdfWeek Three, Term Two 201905072019 T2 W3 Newsletter7/05/20191103 KB
04302019 T2 W2 Newsletter.pdfWeek Two, Term Two 201904302019 T2 W2 Newsletter30/04/20191630 KB
04232019 T2 W1 Newsletter.pdfWeek One, Term Two 201904232019 T2 W1 Newsletter24/04/20191266 KB
04022019 T1 W10 Newsletter.pdfWeek Ten, Term One 201904022019 T1 W10 Newsletter3/04/20191540 KB
03262019 T1 W9 Newsletter.pdfWeek Nine, Term One 201903262019 T1 W9 Newsletter26/03/20191579 KB
03192019 T1 W8 Newsletter.pdfWeek Eight, Term One 201903192019 T1 W8 Newsletter20/03/20191948 KB
03122019 T1 W7 Newsletter.pdfWeek Seven, Term One 201903122019 T1 W7 Newsletter12/03/20191149 KB
03052019 T1 W6 Newsletter.pdfWeek Six, Term One 201903052019 T1 W6 Newsletter6/03/20191181 KB
02262019 T1 W5 Newsletter.pdfWeek Five, Term One 201902262019 T1 W5 Newsletter28/02/20191112 KB
02192019 T1 W4 Newsletter.pdfWeek Four, Term One 201902192019 T1 W4 Newsletter20/02/20191347 KB
02122019 T1 W3 Newsletter.pdfWeek Three, Term One 201902122019 T1 W3 Newsletter14/02/20191277 KB
02052019 T1 W2 Newsletter.pdfWeek Two, Term One 201902052019 T1 W2 Newsletter5/02/20191027 KB